Befriending success stories

befriender-and-befriendeeHere is one of our lovely Befrienders visiting her client. Befriending Lead, Jane Goddard, asked how he felt about his Befriender, and he said, “We became friends quickly and I really appreciate what she does for me. We have very similar interests, theatre, cinema. I call her the dinner lady – she visits me once a week and brings me a meal, and cakes, helps me out with shopping. She brings the outside world to my door! To actually see somebody weekly…”

It’s a two way friendship and the Befriender has also benefited.

evergreen-knitters-1-165x300This wonderful lady is Christina Hulme who phones our clients who are waiting for a Befriender, and sometimes this may be the only person they have spoken to in a day! As part of the the Evergreen Knitters, she makes baby clothes from new-born to one year and all donations go to Evergreen. Thank you for all you do! So if you know of any babies who would benefit from lovely hand knitted clothes, made with love, contact the Evergreen office and we can put you in touch with the Evergreen Knitters.

befriending-in-bexleyThis is another one of our brilliant Befrienders with her client. On asking our client ‘Do you enjoy having a Befriender?’ she replied, “I look forward to her visits. At first I thought, what are we going to talk about? But we instantly ‘clicked’. She is such a help, we go out shopping, have tea and cake, she has taken me to the dentist, we have similar interests…” Her granddaughter said: “Your service is totally amazing. When I work and can’t be there all the time it’s nice to know she has someone else to keep her company. I highly recommend Evergreen to anyone who has a family member or friend needing company”.

befriender-with-clientOne of our lovely volunteer Befrienders with her client. On asking our lovely client “Do you enjoy your Befriender?” the response was: “Yes I so look forward to her visits, she is great company. She has sorted out my cupboard and sold wool, and clothes for me, she is like a friend.” Her son was full of praise for Evergreen Care Bexley: “We have seen that our Mum has considerably benefited from help, support and friendship from her Befriender and the Evergreen Care Bexley team, and it is a TEAM. We have no doubt that others will also, and would have no reservations in recommending Evergreen Care Bexley if individuals and/or their families are considering using this support service.”

befriendingHere is another one of our lovely Befrienders enjoying time with her client. I asked this lovely gentleman how the friendship was going and he said, “Really well, she has plenty to say and we have similar things in common.”

So many wonderful things are going on here at Evergreen, and getting involved couldn’t be easier!

Help ease the loneliness and isolation – it could enrich your life as much as it enriches our clients’.

Please call our office and chat with any of us. We’re all very committed and passionate to make a difference. Call 01322 431765 or visit

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